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5 Best Free Web Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing

There are many free web analytics tools that every content marketer can use. The success of your marketing campaigns depends on continuous improvements by experimenting with various strategies. The strategies can be planned out well when you have the right data on your visitor’s behavior with your website.

These best free web analytics tools provide such crucial data to make the right marketing decisions and plan your next campaign.

Before finding the right tools, we should also find whether or not these tools provide the below data of your website

  1. User Demographics: The user demographics provide information like Age and Gender.
  2. Traffic sources: There can be multiple sources of your website traffic. It is good to know where you receive the highest amount of traffic from. Examples: Direct, Social, Organic, Referral
  3. Bounce rate: The bounce rate gives us the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view the remaining pages within the same site.
  4. Top-performing pages/keywords: These top-performing pages and keywords let you plan your next article or content
  5. Location: It is important to know which highest traffic of your website is coming from which location (country or city)

1.Google Analytics:

google analytics free web analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free web analytics tools out there. The insights offered by Google Analytics help in making improvements to your user experience. You can always set new goals, run experiments, and measure your performance.

The easiest integration method is to add the code given during the sign-up process into the <head> section of your website or use a WordPress plugin to do that for you.

Google provides its free tools to monitor & analyze your user’s behavior with your website. These key insights eventually help in planning the right content production.

Generate quick reports for every data you see. The insights data can be easily exported into xlsx, pdf, and other formats.

Signup Google Analytics

2. Yandex Metrica:


Yandex Metrica is one of the top web analytics tools leading now. The complete analysis of your website is free of cost. The best way to quickly analyze, and monitor user clicks & user behavior with your website. This data eventually helps in making the right improvements and offers a better user experience for sure.

Try Yandex Metrica

3. Full Story:

FullStory bg

FullStory generally evaluates and saves every user movement & interaction with your web or mobile platform. With the data of your user’s behaviors with the website or app, you can make the required changes and use them for product growth.

The FullStory free plan can be used for 1000 sessions per month.

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4. Heap analytics:

heap free web analytics tools

Heap analytics provides us a complete dataset of every small interaction with your website. Every single user interaction is crucial during product development. The way a user interacts with your product can help you in improving your product’s UI/UX design. Know why your customers are leaving and put your efforts to convert them into potential customers with the key insights offered by Heap analytics.

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5. MixPanel:

free web analytics tools

Mixpanel helps in improving customer experience by analyzing and monitoring key user data. One of the best analytics tools to engage visitors, and retain more visitors. All the data can be exported into the required document format for future analysis. The best product analytics are offered by mixpanel.

Below are the features of Mixpanel’s free plan

Up to 1,000 monthly tracked users
Unlimited accounts
90-day data history

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