Find the best Free Image Editing Software, Free Social Media Tools in 2022

Find the top free social media management tools on Freeble. We have created a list of top-notch social media management tools that are free to use. Social media has become a huge industry with new influencers coming up daily. If you are someone who wants to become an influencer or someone who wants to learn aboutย social media marketingย to land a marketing job but have no tools in your arsenal to boost your stats. Then you are just at the right place here, we have the list ofย best free social media toolsย for digital marketing for beginners in 2021.ย 

This listing of tools ranges from analytics, email marketing, and scheduling tools. With these free tools, you can boost your digital marketing game many folds. Most of these tools are free to use but have many paid features which you can try and utilize for your benefit.ย 

From competitor analysis tools to searching for the best influencers we have listed the best free social media toolsย here.

We have curated the following tools list that helps businesses during social media marketing

See all the top Free Image Editing Software, Free Social Media Tools on Freeble

SMBImg is a tool that allows users to create stunning and customizable images for Twitter, Instagram, App Store, Product Hunt, Facebook, Open Graph, and more.

SMBImg can change, beautify and save background gradients or solid colors; add shadows; control border-radius; create and save watermarks with custom titles or links; apply shadows to them; change colors, weight, and thickness; control watermark position; and much more.

SMBImg also can convert images instantly and easily. It supports all major image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, and WEBP.

SMBImg has plugins for WordPress and Strapi.

The application also automatically applies last customizations to save users time so they can focus on creating great content.

SMBImg is absolutely free to use. There are certain features that are available with a paid subscription.

By SMBlob

MagicShot is a screenshot editor for busy indie makers that helps increase their engagement rate on social media.

MagicShot’s rich features allow founders to create the perfect image for them and their branding in just seconds and to turn their boring screenshots into awesome images.

By Gwendal

Web3 Native Social Media.

Post directly to the chain from your web3 wallet. Follow your friends and like, reply to, and repost their SNDs. All data is on-chain and owned by our users.


Linktree makes your online content more discoverable, easier to manage and more likely to convert.

By Rebecca

Grow your social media presence with Iconosquare, the most powerful analytics, management & scheduling platform for brands and agencies.

By Harriet

Plan, collaborate, and publish thumb-stopping content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for your brand.

By Sonu

Schedule your posts on Instagram, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest all from one place

By Arsad

Hootsuite is a social media management website. It offers top free social media components for business growth. Its scheduling tools automatically schedule the contents to save time. It provides the right content to engage the audience and research potential customers. Its focusing tool keeps keen eyes on new trends, conversations, and brands. Its social analytics dashboard evaluates the content performance. It collaborates with the team to produce the best content to grow the business.

By Vivek Adak

Form real connections with those who love your brand through the power of Sprout Social. See our social media management software solutions in action

By Rupesh

Now you can create beautifully custom text layouts that would normally take minutes – or even hours – with just a tap.

By Tillie

Free Reddit post scheduler that cuts your posting time in half, shows analytics for posts and subreddits, and automates tedious tasks. With it, you can schedule Reddit posts for the whole week in minutes.

By Jennifer Stapleton

Social Media Planning & Analytics

By Lulu

AgoraPulse offers these free tools that thousands of marketers and agencies use to improve their social media marketing results.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools:
– AdsReport Ad Reporting
– Easy Employee Advocacy
– Facebook Page Barometer
– Twitter Report Card

By Ahmed

Discover your best posting times, #hashtags, @mentions, and more

This free report analyses your last 200 posts, for social profiles that you own. SmarterQueue’s full analytics offer even more:

Analyze any public Facebook or Twitter profile
Analyze thousands of recent posts
Gain even deeper insights and reports for posts published with SmarterQueue

Smarter Queue is one of the Best Free Social Media Marketing Tool in 2021

By Kiran

Communicate Personalized Product Updates Right From Your Web App

Deliver important product update announcements based on each users last visit, right on your website to keep your users in the loop, increase feature adoption, boost customer satisfaction, and grow your revenue all without interfering with their experience

By Mark Averil

Linkedin is the perfect platform to connect and actually pitch your product as it is supposed to be, through real conversations. It’s sad that no tool is trying to do that, they’re only trying to fit cold emailing into Linkedin.
That’s why we launched Sendzilla to give you the same firepower and scale but with real conversations

By Saurav Gupta

Find answers to the below questions on Free Social Media Management Tools

  • Free Social Media Tools for Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Snapchat, etc
  • Free Social Media Management Tools
  • Free Social Media Auto Posting and Scheduling Tools
  • Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Can I use Free Social Media Management Tools for my small business?

This list of free social media tools for digital marketing is perfect for beginners starting their journey therefore you should try these before you decide to move to paid tools. These are the reasons why you should consider using free social media tools to manage

  • Engage users on Social Media Pages
  • To Handle Many Social Pages
  • To Maintain Customer Relations
  • To Simplify Team Management
  • To Monitor Related Keywords
  • To Examine Social Performance

Features offered by Free Social Media Management Tools:

  • Plan and schedule your posts. These auto-posting and scheduling tools allow you to manage your social media campaigns effectively.
  • Get insights about demographics, engagement, etc so you can target your audience effectively for the campaigns.
  • Track and Analyse competitor’s performance on social media
  • Find the best influencers on social media platforms using the free tools.
  • Email marketing tools help you send emails to subscribers and remind them always of your new updates.
  • Monitor the performance of keywords and your social media posts
  • Find the right influencers to advertise your brand on social media and also measure follower count.


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