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Find the best free website builders on Freeble. There are many free website builders available claiming to be the best among all. If you are a student who wants to start blogging or a teacher who wants to reach his students and parents through a website and has zero experience in coding then this best free website builders list will help you.

These listings offer a varied range of templates and tools for you to build your website without any coding too for free. Some of these websites are best for their tools and some for themes and templates. We have researched every bit of it. You can read a summary from the listing and choose according to your needs.

Some of these website builders are developed just for teachers and students but they lack in tools we have compiled every tiny detail for your sake.

See all the top Free Website Builders on Freeble

Popsy is a no-code website builder for creators. Just start typing and get a personal website in minutes. Customize fonts & colors, add navbar, buttons, illustrations & icons, and custom backgrounds. Publish to a free Popsy domain or your own custom one. No coding or design skills are required.

Website builders can help you create beautiful landing pages for your business in minutes. All the resources to add graphic resources are readily available. Popsy is one such free website builder and also provides a custom domain. There are different templates available for you to pick and start the design. Try and create a free website using Popsy today.

Dorik is an all-in-one platform for building websites without any code. Whether you need a simple landing page or a fully-fledged website for your business, Dorik’s free website builder makes it easy to get started. Dorik comes with a free website builder & SSL.

With Dorik’s free templates and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can create a beautiful website in minutes – no coding required! And because our platform is white-label, you can brand it as your own and offer it to your clients as a value-add service.

By Dorik

Use Tilda to build stunning websites without writing any code. Now, anybody may work as a designer! You may rapidly create a new website, online store, landing page, or blog with Tilda’s user-friendly layout. You don’t need to be a designer; it’s like playing a game: simple, enjoyable, and simple. More than 550 highly adjustable pre-designed blocks have been produced.

They give you the ability to customize the look and feel of your website harmoniously and flexibly. Get this online website for free!

By Miraj

Create a beautiful, easy-to-manage website in under a minute with no coding, quick page loading, and SEO optimization. You can concentrate on producing while Super takes care of the rest because all of your material remains in Notion. The best web hosting platform you’ve ever used is what they aim to build. We like creating appealing and practical software that is inspired by client input.

By Kalyan Verma

The free version of ExpressionEngine uses templates to specify how web pages look. Additionally praised for its high levels of security, adaptability, scalability, performance, and out-of-the-box construction tools, the provider offers. The platform also has a sizable community that provides comprehensive enterprise-level support. The solution offers a straightforward control panel for developing content and presentation templates, and there are no limitations on how a website can be developed.

By Sebastian

You can build a free responsive website with Typedream, edit them, and even connect them to an existing database without writing code. Create your website using our user-friendly yet effective site editor! Just type and it will automatically add rolling texts, ease-ins and ease-outs, animations, and many more features that are as easy to use as Google Slides. Whatever you need: a blog, a form, a business! Simply choose, adjust, publish, and go live in minutes!

By Gautam

Website.Com offers best free website building tools for business. Drag and drop to build, click to get online. Let’s not complicate things. With our free website builder, you can add hundreds of features, like contact forms, online booking, and social media buttons. Explore thousands of copyright free images that are yours for the taking. You don’t need to be a coding genius

By Josephine

Webs are one of the best free website builders that offer all the features needed to create a powerful website for business. Its customizable templates with font, color, background image, and more reflect a deft of beauty.
The Web’s powerful SEO booster optimizes the content for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Webs site builder engages visitors through social media linking. Its mobile website builder ensures mobile optimization.

By Jessie

Zeroqode as the name suggest help you build web and mobile application with absolutely 0 coding skills and have a very easy to use drag and drop interface that you can use to create your ideal website in a very short time compared to the months that normally goes into coding an application. You can also learn to build applications with zeroqode.

By Faiq

SITE123 is one of the best free website builders for small businesses. It offers the most intuitive and easy-to-build website tools to create a powerful website for business. Its content management system provides templates to establish websites by uploading the content only within an hour. The website templates are designed to support a PC or mobile device.

By Ada

Bookmark is the best free AI-based website builders that offer many features to customize a website for business and others. It features everything required to make a catchy website. Its drag & drop tools make website building very easy and simple. The builders designed the website operational to both a pc and mobile device.
Its SEO optimization tools target the right audience to lead generation. It provides space to attract customers by adding video to the website.

By Satish Kumar

Webflow is the top free website builder that offers to design a professional, customized, and modern website to build for business and office. It helps the brand team to build such a platform where everybody can accurately and consistently get access and can represent.
The website builders design a custom database website that includes online stores. Thus, the website is more interactive and animating. The website requires no update, no-code, and metadata controls to run. Its built-in integration connects social markets easily.

By Satyvrat

Ucraft is a relatively advanced website builder, This is an interesting product for building websites as they are the only ones that allow you to connect an existing domain name for free! They even include SSL at no extra cost.

By Rishi

Find answers to the below questions on free website builders

  • What are the best free website builders for Students?
  • What are the best free website builders for Teachers?
  • What are the best free website builders for Small businesses?
  • What are the best free alternatives to Wix and Weebly?
  • What are the best free website builders for SEO?

Why should you use free website builders?

We have tried and tested these sites just for students and teachers. Of course, these free website builders can be used by small businesses, freelancers, and startups as well. They have the perfect templates and tools for your requirements. While building these listings we listed out what may you require and listed these sites accordingly.

Common Features of Best Free Website Builders

  • Super easy to use. All these builders are drag and drop based and work with all browsers.
  • A minimum of 500MB storage space is offered to upload your media files like images, video, and audio files.
  • Many of the free website builders have eCommerce-ready features to sell your products online for free.
  • Allows you to link your domain or use a subdomain with HTTPS enabled.
  • Hundreds of free templates to choose from and modify according to your needs.
  • Each website has its range of tools to create your dream website. 
  • These free website builders are perfect to build blogs and write articles.
  • Collect feedback, suggestions, and perform surveys using the in-built form builders
  • SEO optimized themes, templates and plugins are part of the builders. That means the content published using free website builders ranks high on search engines.
  • You can always monetize the content published on these websites using third-party ad networks.


We here at Freeble care about you and want to save the precious time and effort which you put into finding the best free website builders with a free domain. We already have tried and tested these websites and compiled them into a listing.

If you liked our list of free website builders for students and teachers, we suggest you check our free website hosting for small businesses. These listings have many free website hosting providers, which you can use if you are just starting out and just want to check out how things work. We also have a list of free analytics tools to track your metrics it cost you zero money to try them out today.

Do you feel some great free website builder is missing here? Please go ahead and drop the URL by creating a listing here. We take care of the rest by submitting and featuring on Freeble pages. Our list of free tools helps many students, teachers, designers, developers, and more. One favor which we can ask you is to share this information with your friends and colleagues.

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