Top 5 Productivity Tools & Apps for Work & Business in 2022

Tired of being tired and want to be productive? whether it be in your work life or your daily routine. Start your journey as a super productive person today, killing your laziness. Productivity is being able to maximize work in a short period.

Changing your work style can be hard and here come the productivity-boosting tools that can help you get comfortable with your new fast work life.

We have listed out the Top 5 Productivity Tools that can help you change your gears towards a faster pace both in your personal and work life, so without any further delay let’s get to our listing.

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It is a project planning and managing tool perfect for professionals as well as students. Some of its features are

  • *Group chat
  • *Gantt charts
  • *task management 
  • *assigning roles
  • *Calendar
  • *File sharing 
  • *and many more.

Unfortunately, it has a subscription-based model and you have to pay for full features but if you are serious about your job it is a must-have. It clears up your table, saves your time, and keeps the team on the same page preventing errors.

Google drive:

Almost everyone has cloud storage nowadays. If not, what are you waiting for? Get here. Google provides its cloud storage service via drive. The drive is one of the best free cloud storage and comes with 15 Gb of free space. The best part being you can share your files, photos, and videos through and add comments and chat a bit with your colleagues making it easy to pass instructions and important notes. It is an ideal app for data sharing through the cloud.


It is a calorie tracker and has loads of food listed with their nutritional info. If you are someone who wants to be healthy and hates maintaining a physical journal this app will work the best for you. You can connect it with any of your fitness bands and track the calories that you burned and consumed accurately. It will help you reach your fitness goal faster.

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Slack is a messaging app now used by thousands of companies around the world it is completely free to use and allows you to connect with up to 10,000 employees directly, sharing files, it can be integrated with 10 apps like drive, office 365, and more, you can have private and public and have 1:1 chats both through messages and video. You can get more features by upgrading to a paid plan.

Loop :

The loop is a habit tracker which helps you with building a habit by keeping track of the days you completed your task. It has a graph, statistics, and streak which makes repeating an activity fun. You just have to tick the tasks you completed and it maps your progress. you can download it from the play store and App Store for free.


The research and testing we have done make us confident that these listings will help you save your time and help you manage your work and health better for the good. 

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