FullStory generally evaluates and saves every user's movements & interactions with your web or mobile platform.
With the data of your user’s behaviors with the website or app, Fullstory does not take any user data it only works with dx data, so your customer's privacy is maintained.
You can make the required changes and use them for product growth.
Fullstory comes with a vast library of integration which comes in handy for the technical team.

Other Information
  • Fullstory an easy to use & integrate free web analytics tools in 2021
  • Date Modified: 11 May 2021
  • View Website: website link freeble
What's Free?

Up to 1,000 sessions per month.
You can also check out all the features offered by FullStory for a 14-day trial basis in the free plan.
The FullStory free plan can be used until 1000 sessions per month,

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