Jumpshare is one of the quickest file-share software also best for screen recording. It has developed instant sharing, real-time tracking, quick collaboration, easy organization, magical integration, and so many features for the office. It is one of the best screen recordings software for Windows, Mac, and Androids. Jumpshare offers tools to share a file, capture a screen, and video recording from a single platform. It has 200 file formats to showcase the work instantly. It also provides video personalization tools to guide customers for the business.

Other Information
  • Jumpshare - Free video recording software with file sharing in 2022
  • Date Modified: 4 June 2021
  • View Website: website link freeble
  • App Store: appstore link freeble
What's Free?

•2 GB of space
•250 MB file upload limit
•30 seconds screen recording
•Capture unlimited screenshots
•Basic search
•iPhone app
•Windows and Mac apps
•OAuth via Google
•Secure Sharing (SSL)

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