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Free Tools ( is a website where you can find a variety of free software (quick-use tools) to make everyday tasks easier. This website can be used by anyone, it is especially aimed at people without special IT skills. The tasks performed on a website can be very diverse: compressing files, changing file formats, improving image quality, creating animation, shortening audio or video, amplifying, and so on.

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All tools are free to use, without any exceptions.

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Discover the free online tools & resources

Our list of free online tools & services helps many businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to save their money which is spent on paid products and services.

More Free Tools and Resources

Still unsatisfied? 😒 We have few more resources for you. Try now!

Sapling is a free AI writing assistant tool ideal for salesforce and customer-facing teams that are in constant conversation with the customers. Sapling is better than bots as chatbots follow a tree-based decision model and can only respond to generic questions. It helps your agents to give a fast and personalized response to customer’s queries and help them accordingly, it is like a free productivity tool.

With Sapling agents can have up to 10 preloaded snippets that they can use and it also retrieves relevant responses from a team knowledge bank and allows agents to respond more quickly to customer’s inquiries by simply clicking on the desired response. Sapling offers integration on a variety of platforms whether it be LinkedIn, intercom, zen desk, or Gmail, sapling works perfectly with every platform.

Responsee CSS framework and our free templates is under the MIT license and you are free
to use on anything you like. Do not forget, please, that components MFG labs icon set,
Simple Line Icons and OWL carousel have their own license terms and conditions,
which you can find on the home websites of the projects.

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