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About Fabform

Our static website forms backend is the ideal forms solution for those creating static websites and need to get forms up and running- Simply create a forms endpoint at fabform.io and you can start collecting form submissions right away.

Fabform has anti-spam captcha features, and the ability to send notifications and customized emails to form owners and those submitting the form. Generous free tier available to try out this excellent forms backend.

Apart from the above, there are a bunch of other features to experience with Fabform. No doubt Fabform does all the jobs you want to perform with a contact form in your website.

Free features in Fabform

There is a generous free tier available

  • Create up to 10 Forms
  • Accept 500 Submissions

Is Fabform free to use?

Fabform can be used for free
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Easy & Free way to setup Website Forms

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