VideoStudio Free Video Editing Software

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About VideoStudio

Convert your photos and videos into stunning movies to share with your family and friends. VideoStudio is the easy-to-use and comes with features to enhance your creative video editing skills and movie-making ideas. Try VideoStudio now to experience best free video editing software.

Quick Features:

  • Join videos, photos, and audio on the timeline
  • Inbuilt creative effects
  • Create amazing animations with Stop Motion Animation
  • Create great-looking videos and slideshows with a selection of templates
  • High-quality audio tools
  • Multi-Camera Video Editor

Free features in VideoStudio

  • The 30-day trial version is for first-time users.
  • The trial offers limited video effects, templates, titles, and filters.
  • The trial does not include MyDVD or MultiCam Capture Lite software.
  • The projects, libraries, and customizations created within the trial period can be easily migrated to the licensed software.

Is VideoStudio free to use?

VideoStudio can be used for free
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What are you waiting for? Try VideoStudio today!

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